ICS Expanding Services into Westchester County

Independence Care System (ICS) is continuing the expansion of its Health Home program across New York State to provide disability-competent care and essential services for adults with physical disabilities, with the latest focus on Westchester County.

July 27, 2023

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Independence Care System (ICS), the first and only Health Home program in New York State with specialized expertise in supporting people with physical disabilities, is continuing the expansion of its Health Home to provide disability-competent care coordination and essential services to residents of Westchester County.

ICS’s Health Home program focuses on keeping individuals as healthy as possible and out of the hospital and emergency room.

ICS has served adults with physical disabilities for more than two decades, ensuring they receive critical services, equipment, and supplies to enhance their health, mobility and independence. ICS began the first phase of its expansion in the spring in Richmond County, Staten Island.

“We are excited to continue our expansion and to now serve the Westchester County community,” said ICS President and CEO Regina Martinez-Estela. “People with disabilities across New York lack important equipment, services and supports, and we will now be a source of support for them. As one of the most underserved and vulnerable populations, people with disabilities can now turn to ICS and receive support through our disability-competent care and expert specialized services.”

To learn more about the ICS Health Home, email CommunityEngagement@icsny.org, call 646.653.6230 or visit www.icsny.org.


About Independence Care System (ICS)

ICS is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 as a pioneering, innovative community of professionals dedicated to serving people who, prior to ICS, were often forced to spend their lives in institutions.

People with disabilities have turned to ICS for more than 20 years because of our expert, disability-competent staff who help them to improve their health and avoid hospitalizations, achieve goals, improve their quality of life, and be active members in the community. Our foundational pillars — health, mobility and independence — ensure for true health equity for people with disabilities so they can thrive while receiving the quality care they deserve. 

We have developed a model of care designed to address the vast health disparities experienced by our members and those in underserved communities. We continue to work alongside our members and advocate for their specialized care, because we have seen the effects of a healthcare system that fails to address their needs. ICS offers disability-expert care coordination, educational and recreational programming that enriches members’ lives, and is a premier provider of specialized mobility assessments for wheelchair users through our comprehensive On a Roll wheelchair program.

Contact: Chris Engelhardt