ICS staff are experts at helping members access the services they need to live independently in their community.

To be involved and engaged, to pursue interests and ambitions, to be active members of their community – for over two decades, New Yorkers with disabilities have turned to Independence Care System (ICS) for resources and services to help them achieve their goals. Few organizations in New York City possess the depth of expert knowledge and hands-on expertise of ICS. By working directly with a diverse community of people with disabilities for so many years, ICS knows that, to best support members, we must focus on three essential areas: health, mobility and independence. These three interdependent focus areas are the foundational pillars that, when put together, make health equity possible for people with disabilities.

Though the needs of each ICS member are different, and may vary over time, the interplay between the pillars makes it impossible to achieve success in one area while neglecting the other two. A person with a disability who is unhealthy finds that their mobility and independence suffer. Investments in health and mobility may go to waste when someone does not have opportunities for independent activities. Finally, if a member does not have an adequately-fitted mobility device, their health and independence are impacted.

About the Three Pillars

Working closely with members on each pillar, ICS helps people with disabilities make meaningful and lasting improvements to their quality of life.


Empowering members to achieve the highest level of health and overcome health inequities caused by disability.

  • Specialized care management programs for adults with physical disabilities
  • Individualized care plan focused on preventing related health conditions and improving and maintaining members’ overall health
  • Disability-competent staff who understand disability and address the critical barriers of good health, including transportation, housing, education, access to primary care, and community-based resources
  • Advocates who monitor member eligibility so they receive what they need, including services, equipment, and supplies


Providing the resources members need to be as mobile and independent as possible at home and in the community.

  • A wheelchair clinic, On A Roll, consisting of certified, award-winning specialists who evaluate member needs to ensure they have the wheelchair/scooter that maximizes members’ safety, independence, and ability to participate fully in community life
  • Maintaining backup equipment and a pool of loaner wheelchairs to ensure members can maintain their mobility during needed wheelchair servicing and repairs


Creating opportunities for members to participate fully in community life and build a community both inside and outside ICS through programs focused on:

  • Social and wellness activities
  • Peer-to-peer coaching to develop independent living skills
  • Advocacy training and opportunities to make members’ voices heard