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Specialized mobility assessments conducted by expert occupational and physical therapists.

Too many people have wheelchairs that do not meet their needs to get around, work, travel, go to school, visit family, and live life on their own terms. Many are stuck in poorly fitted chairs that limit their mobility and harm their health by causing muscle strain, pressure injuries, spasms, nerve damage, or other injuries.

The ICS On a Roll comprehensive wheelchair program is a premier provider of specialized mobility assessments conducted by expert occupational and physical therapists. We can help you get the individualized wheelchair or other equipment you need to be healthy and independent. We also offer expert repairs and can teach you how to maintain your chair to keep it in tiptop condition.

On A Roll:

  • Starts with a thorough evaluation
  • Considers each person’s physical condition, functional ability, and where and how they want to use their device
  • Ensures your wheelchair fits properly to prevent pressure wounds
  • Tailors the equipment that is ordered so that it meets your individual needs
  • Teaches you how to use your wheelchair or other equipment
  • Does home assessments to make sure that the appropriate chair will fit through the doors, hallways and elevators of your home

On a Roll was developed and is led by Jean Minkel, an internationally recognized expert on seating and mobility who has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Fellow Award from RESNA (the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America). At ICS, Jean pioneered the provision of comprehensive wheelchair services for New Yorkers covered by Medicaid. Today these services are provided by On A Roll and are covered by many insurance plans.

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Making an appointment is easy. Call 1.646.653.6266 or email onaroll@icsny.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Make an appointment with On A Roll, and an expert therapist will start the process of tailoring a wheelchair to meet your individual needs. This includes an evaluation, which looks at your range of motion, posture, alignment, seated balance and skin condition. It also includes assessing your sensation, simulating the postural supports you may need, and pressure mapping to determine what kind of cushioning is best for you. During the evaluation, we also gather information about the ways you will use your wheelchair and the activities you want to be able to pursue, how you will transfer to or from the chair, and any support you may need to do so. You will get a chance to try different wheelchairs and, if needed, we  will make a home visit to insure that the chair fits in your home.

We will work with a Complex Rehab Technology Supplier (CRTS) to determine the specifications of the chair and supports you will need to be comfortable and mobile while getting around.

Once a new chair is acquired, we will teach you how to use it in both your home and community environments.

If you already have a mobility device, we will assess what is working well for you and what needs improvement.

An On A Roll evaluation includes ensuring that the recommended mobility device fits in your home and serves your needs there, as well as meeting your needs in your community, such as shopping, visiting, working, or going to worship services or school.

A wheelchair that does not fit you properly can cause muscle strain, pressure injuries, spasms and other injuries. That is why On A Roll evaluations are detailed and individualized. If you need to rely on a wheelchair for mobility, you may need Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) and an individually configured chair to meet your needs. A mobility device you receive through On A Roll will fit you, your body size, and your specific conditions. It will support you in your home and wherever you want to go in your community. We also train you so that you can feel confident using your new equipment.

On A Roll supports the payment and approval process for the wheelchair you need – manual or power chair – by working with your doctor and insurance provider.

If your insurer does not authorize the device you need, On A Roll will help you appeal that decision. We will connect you with advocates who can guide you through the process and provide the necessary documentation, free of charge.

On A Roll will assist you in coordinating repairs and battery maintenance for your wheelchair. We will guide you through the process of contacting the supplier with all the information required to authorize the repair, at no charge to you.

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