our mission

At ICS we have one mission: helping people with disabilities and chronic conditions remain healthy and independent, at home, in their communities.

ICS was founded in 2000 as a pioneering, innovative community of professionals dedicated to serving people who, prior to ICS, were often forced to spend their lives in institutions. While our services have changed and evolved over two decades, our values and approach remain the same:

  • Partnership, respect and expertise that empowers our members, their family and caregivers
  • Collaboration with the service providers and advocates who work on our members’ behalf

ICS is the first and only “health home” program in New York State with disability-expert staff and programs designed to promote the health and independence of people with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and other disabilities that limit their mobility.

While no one can know exactly what the future will bring in a changing healthcare landscape, what we can say with certainty is this: The ICS mission – helping our members remain healthy and independent –and our values – partnership, respect, advocacy and expertise – will remain constant. As the needs of our members evolve we will continue to lead and to innovate to make sure those needs are met. ICS has always been a values-driven organization and it remains so today. Our values will always drive the ways we serve our members and carry out our mission.