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Independence Care System Health Home

The ICS Health Home. Your partner in care.

If you or someone you love is a person with physical disabilities, you know too well that receiving the right care can be a challenge to manage on your own. That is where the ICS Health Home can help. Our Health Home is not a place. It is a comprehensive program built on a longstanding commitment to the health, mobility and independence of people with physical disabilities – the three foundational pillars of everything we do at ICS.

A recognized leader in disability-expert care

We are proud that the ICS Health Home has been designated by New York State as the first and only Health Home in the state with specialized expertise in supporting New Yorkers with physical disabilities.

At a Glance: ICS Health Home Teams & Services

What makes our Health Home effective in serving the needs of our members is the incredible, expert teams and services we provide. Click the sections below to learn more about them and the resources they provide.

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If you have a disability that limits your mobility, having a wheelchair that has been properly fitted for your needs can be life changing. The ICS On a Roll comprehensive wheelchair program gives our Health Home members access to specialized mobility assessments conducted by expert occupational and physical therapists and maintenance/repair services performed by highly-trained technicians who will ensure that your chair or scooter stays in tiptop condition. When you get your device through On A Roll, you can rest assured that it will be customized to fit you perfectly and have the features you need to match your lifestyle.


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Pressure injuries are painful, dangerous, expensive to treat, and are a common worry for many people with disabilities, especially those living with conditions like immobility, incontinence, diabetes, neuropathy, and other issues that increase the risk of skin and tissue breakdown. Our Health Home Wound Care & Prevention Team supports Health Home members experiencing open pressure injuries. Our certified wound care nurses develop prevention and treatment plans to optimize a member’s ability to heal and remain wound free, working closely with the member, the member’s caregivers, and other Health Home teams to ensure the member is on the road to recovery and prevention.


To learn more about ICS' Wound Care Program, click here.

Your Health Home membership lets us support you if you face complex supply and equipment issues. All too often, insurers and healthcare providers do not understand how important the right equipment and supplies are for the health of someone with a physical disability. Our Health Home team will go to bat for you and advocate on your behalf to make sure the right equipment and supplies are authorized by your insurance. We do this by clarifying what items work best to protect your health, explaining insurance guidelines and necessary documentation, and providing billing codes to assist you in getting what you need – and are entitled to.


To learn more about how ICS experts help people with physical disabilities get the right equipment and supplies, click here.

Complex and often confusing, getting ready to leave the hospital can be a lot to manage. If you are hospitalized, our Transition of Care team helps communicate with hospital staff about your medical history and to bringing attention to any barriers to care that you may need help with during your hospital stay. When you are discharged, the team can coordinate a smooth transition to a rehabilitation center or back to your home, and will be sure that you, your aides, and family understand everything you need to fully recover after your hospital stay and avoid another hospital admission.


To learn more about the ICS' Transitions Team, click here.

Food security, comfortable and safe housing, accessible transportation, a lack of education and employment opportunities, as well as insufficient access to healthcare – all of these are key to a good quality of life. Many adults with physical disabilities face multiple deficits when it comes to these critical social determinants of health. That’s why we have a Social Determinants of Health team skilled in connecting you to appropriate, accessible community resources and helping you apply for – and keep - important government benefits, such as housing, food and financial benefits, that contribute to your health and wellbeing.


To learn more about the ICS' Benefits Resource Department, click here

Medicaid is incredibly important. That’s why we have a team that supports you with changes to your demographics, third party insurance, or challenges with Medicaid renewals.

Independent Living Associates are staff members with disabilities who work with you to support your health, wellness, employment or education goals, and your ability to fully engage and enjoy community life. Health Home members struggling to adjust to a new disability or those who need guidance with setting and working toward individual goals, find the program and its team of mentors to be an invaluable resource and support. Working with a mentor for three months to more than a year, members talk through issues with someone who knows what it is like to live with a disability – which is exactly what the peer mentors provide.

To learn more about the ICS Independent Living Program, click here

ICS boasts a diverse roster of engaging member programs that promote self-advocacy, autonomy and improved health and wellness. From art classes to yoga, health education and social programs, you can participate in-person or online in activities you’ll not only find helpful but fun!


To learn more about our Social Programs, click here.

A primary care provider (PCP) experienced in treating health conditions common among people with physical disabilities, accessible facilities designed and equipped to accommodate your needs, and a well-trained medical staff – these are the cornerstones of quality care. People with physical disabilities have higher rates of obesity, arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, urinary tract infections, and stroke. They are also in great need of behavioral health interventions, suffering from higher rates of depression, anxiety, and stress. Our Primary Care Program connects you to a disability-competent PCP who will make sure you get the care you deserve and any conditions you may develop are diagnosed and treated before you become seriously illness or are hospitalized.

We take pride in advocating and fighting for the support, services and equipment you need as a Health Home member but we don’t stop there. We also help members fight discrimination they may face related to housing and employment. Whatever the challenge, we are in your corner to help you get what you need to be as healthy and independent as possible.


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