On A Roll Wheelchair Services Now Open to the Public!

The ICS comprehensive wheelchair evaluation program is now called On A Roll, and we are growing to meet the need for our expert services.
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For many people, having the right wheelchair is the key to protecting their health and maintaining their independence. On A Roll can now offer ICS’s renowned wheelchair and complex rehab equipment services to anyone covered by Medicaid, original Medicare Part B, Empire (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), United Healthcare, or any VNS insurance plan.

Many people arrive at On A Roll in a poorly fitting wheelchair that limits their mobility and undermines their health by causing muscle strain, pressure injuries, spasms, nerve damage, or other injuries.  When On A Roll orders a wheelchair or other mobility device, we do so based on a thorough evaluation that includes the individual’s physical condition, their functional abilities and an environmental assessment. Ensuring proper fit and alignment, and minimizing pressure and strain on the body all play a role in optimizing the person’s mobility and preserving their health.

Services focused on the wheelchair rider

Most critically, at On A Roll we focus on the most important team member – the wheelchair rider.  What are the needs and expectations from a new piece of equipment? We make every effort to be sure the rider has access to the right piece of technology to meet his or her needs in the home and in their community.

An On A Roll evaluation includes a detailed assessment of the individual’s posture, skin integrity, mobility and environments of use. We look at the person’s strengths, abilities, and limitations, as well as where they need to be able to go and what they need to be able to do in order to maintain their independence. In addition to the clinical evaluation, we do home assessments to ensure that the appropriate chair will fit through the doors, hallways and elevators of the person’s home and to see whether accommodations, such as ramps, are needed to increase accessibility.

For some people, standard equipment can meet their needs. For others, complex rehab technology products and services are required. This may include individually-configured manual and power wheelchair systems, alternative positioning systems, and other custom-fitted devices.

Come see us –together we will find the right solution!

On A Roll is an expert team of dedicated physical and occupational therapists, wheelchair technicians and specialized support staff. Founded by Jean Minkel, an internationally recognized expert on seating and mobility, On A Roll’s staff have decades of experience working with people who have spinal cord injuries, MS, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, post-polio syndrome, spina bifida and other conditions that limit their mobility.

Know someone who could benefit from the right wheelchair or other equipment? Making an appointment with On A Roll is easy. All they need to do is call 646-653-6266 or email onaroll@icsny.org.

Regina Weiss

Regina Weiss

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