The Benefits of On A Roll Program in the Community

Independence Care System (ICS) Senior Vice President, Care Management Jean Minkel, an internationally recognized expert on seating and mobility, has embarked on a series of presentations across New York City, highlighting the benefits of the On A Roll program and how it supports people with physical disabilities to live independently in the community.
Benefits of On A Roll Program in the Community

Jean recently discussed the significance of the On A Roll comprehensive wheelchair program at a JASA Co-op City NORC meeting, highlighting how the program goes the distance to support the mobility needs of individuals in New York City who are older and have physical disabilities. JASA, a nonprofit agency serving older adults, provides critical services to more than 40,000 people annually, and its NORC—Naturally Occurring Retirement Community—features a large percentage of older residents and enables them to live independently.

The On A Roll program

Jean provided an overview of On A Roll, and explained how the program ensures that people who are experiencing challenges getting around, in their homes and/or the community are thoroughly evaluated and provided with the right wheelchair to protect their health and maintain their independence. On A Roll provides ICS’s renowned wheelchair and complex rehab equipment services to individuals covered by many insurance plans, including Medicaid, original Medicare Part B, Empire (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), United Healthcare, and any VNS insurance plan. On A Roll works with the person’s doctor and insurer to help make sure they get the right equipment.

When ordering a wheelchair or other mobility device, an evaluation is conducting to assess the individual’s physical condition, their functional abilities and the environments where they will use their wheelchair or other equipment.  Ensuring proper fit and alignment, and minimizing pressure and strain on the body all play a role in optimizing the person’s mobility and preserving their health.

Supporting people who are experiencing changes in mobility

Jean focused on issues that can prevent mobility, including falls or fear of falling, fatigue and loss of sitting balance. She spoke to the variety of mobility solutions that can assist with walking, including straight or quad canes, as well as pick-up walkers and four-wheeled rollators. She also touched on how the coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges to people with mobility issues.   

“Before the pandemic, if you were ‘fully mobile,’ you went where you wanted to go, when you wanted to go,” Jean said. “COVID-19 has put a grip on that.”

Jean detailed the wide variety of mobility devices that On A Roll provides including manual wheelchairs that allow seating therapists to move rear wheels to make it easier for people to self-propel, scooters, various types of power wheelchairs, and tilt and transport chairs.

“For many seniors, they don’t want to talk about a wheelchair,” Jean said. “They think that’s giving up or giving in. I say a wheelchair is just a tool that lets you get back out there, and participate and do the things you want to do.”

Jean also noted that participants can have ‘test drives’ to experience the different mobility option before moving forward with a purchase of a chair.

Ensuring for health and independence

Jean noted that On A Roll seating and mobility services have allowed people with disabilities to thrive in the community by addressing their mobility, posture and skin protection needs.

One participant at the JASA meeting asked about one of her clients in need of a wheelchair.  The client is overweight and has mobility issues, and the Social Worker asked Jean for advice on the best chair would be to assist the client.  Jean explained that if the client has Medicaid and needs a device to around outside, Medicaid covers the cost of in-home or community-use wheelchairs, and that On A Roll could close the loop between the funding available and providing the product that works best for the client.

“We have years of experience navigating insurance, red tape and getting members what they need,” she explained.

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