NPR/Tradeoffs: ICS Helps Dually Eligible Member Secure Wheelchair Approval

September 21, 2023

NPR/Tradeoffs — Independence Care System (ICS) has been featured on Tradeoffs, a podcast that tells intellectually engaging, emotionally resonant stories about the complicated, costly and often counterintuitive world of health care.

Tradeoffs’ latest story, “The 12 Million People Lost in a Maze of Medicare and Medicaid,” features the personal story of ICS member Saleema Render-Hornsby and the challenges she faced as a “dually eligible”—individuals who are enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid to get the health care services and supports they need.

The story focuses on Saleema’s challenge with securing a new wheelchair, and how after making do for more than two years with a backup chair, Saleema turned to ICS, which supported her in dealing with the complex rules and conflicting financial incentives of both health insurance plans to finally obtain approval for her wheelchair.

The Tradeoffs story was also picked up by NPR, and is featured on its national website.

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