Expertise in Areas that Promote Health Equity

People with disabilities come to ICS because we have expert staff who can help them achieve goals, improve their quality of life, and be active members in their community. ICS works with members to address their health, mobility and independence. These areas are the foundational pillars needed to stand up true health equity for people with disabilities.


ICS works to remove barriers to care that are all too common for people with disabilities, so each ICS member is able to enjoy the best possible health.


Being able to get around freely and comfortably is essential. ICS staff help ensure members have access to properly fitted mobility supports.


Everyone wants be part of their community. ICS helps members stay engaged and involved, be it through social activities or professional interests.

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A Caretaker’s Perspective On The Importance Of ICS

For more than two decades, Independence Care System (ICS) has supported the lives of people with disabilities, focusing on the health, mobility and independence of members to ensure they remain active and independent in their communities. By collaborating with service providers and advocates who work on members’ behalf, and connecting with members to gain a deep understanding of their needs and values, ICS has touched the lives of countless members, along with their families, caregivers and loved ones.

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On A Roll Wheelchair Program Supports Disability Community

“When an On A Roll clinician is working with someone, it’s ‘how can I support you?’ We have to have a give and take relationship,” said Independence Care System (ICS) Senior Vice President, Rehab and Mobility Services Jean Minkel. “Only the person with the lived experience is the ‘expert’ of their lives. We listen to them — we are in partnership with them.”

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What ICS Members Are Saying

“Joining ICS was the best thing I could have done. If there were no ICS, my life would change because it’s as if I live here! The people at ICS are like family.”
Michaeline Branker
ICS member
"The ICS social programs offer a unique sense of community where members can relax, laugh, make friends, and be themselves."
Annalisa Rivera
ICS Instructor
“When people say to me, ‘I don’t have an aide or I can’t get the equipment or medication I need,’ I tell them: There’s a place you can go. At ICS, they’ll help you get the things you need, but they’ll also help you to be more independent.”
Catina Crews Rollins
ICS member