Hello Neighbor!

Your donation keeps On a Roll functioning and people with disabilities independent.

My name is Christy, and I am a community outreach associate at Independence Care System (ICS). Maybe you’ve seen me rolling around the neighborhood.

ICS Health Home, over 20 years helping people with disabilities live independently in their communities.

Did you know that ICS is the only Health Home program designated by New York State to help people with physical disabilities live independently in the community? That’s ICS!

If my chair breaks down, my life shuts down!

I stay connected to ICS because I genuinely believe that I can and should thrive in my community! My motorized wheelchair plays a big part in that. If my chair breaks down, my life shuts down! I have a busy 6-year-old, so I can’t let a broken chair take this mom out of commission!

Maintaining and repairing a chair like mine – and those used by the over 100,000 wheelchair users living in NYC – is not cheap! Although most chairs are covered by insurance after their warranty expires, the repairs often are not.

The ICS program On A Roll helps me and other wheelchair users get the repairs they need in a timely, affordable fashion. Their technicians make house calls, diagnose the problem and, if they can’t repair the chair right there, they take it to their shop and provide a loaner wheelchair in its place.

This program is a lifesaver for me and thousands across the city!

Would you consider supporting a neighborhood organization that has made such a big difference in my life and the lives of so many of our fellow New Yorkers? A donation as small as $25 goes a long way in ensuring that I – and so many others – can safely be out and about.

I hope you can help. We couldn’t do this work without you!