Thomas K. Small

Attorney at Law

T.K. has decades of experience advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. He is a graduate of Long Island University and Brooklyn Law School. An attorney since 1994, he practices primarily in the field of disability law, representing both organizations and individuals.

Since 1999, T.K. has served as communications and policy consultant to the New York State Independent Living Council (NYSILC), where he assists in coordinating statewide advocacy efforts, formulating legislative strategies, delivering testimony to governmental agencies, and reviewing and interpreting pending litigation from a disability policy perspective.
Previously, he was co-project coordinator of the NYSILC Housing Institute, promoting accessible, affordable and integrated housing opportunities for people with disabilities.

On behalf of individuals, T.K. fights for community-based services and pursues Americans with Disabilities Act enforcement through litigation and/or mediation. He is a member of numerous disability rights groups, including Not Dead Yet, ADAPT and Disabled in Action of Metropolitan New York.

ICS Founder and Strategic Consultant

Rick is the founder of three affiliated organizations in New York City committed to transforming the quality of care provided to adults with physical disabilities and frail older adults, as well as the quality of direct-care jobs. He founded ICS in 2000 as a nonprofit organization offering specialized care management services for people with spinal cord injuries, MS, Cerebral Palsy, dementia and other disabilities and chronic conditions. Over two decades ICS has become widely known for its innovative care supporting the unique needs of people with disabilities.

Rick developed an influential blueprint for reform of New York State’s Medicaid-funded home- and community-based managed care system prior to the State’s commitment to Medicaid Redesign. He is a past recipient of the Business Enterprise Trust Award for Social Responsibility for “courage, integrity and social vision in business.” Rick has been recognized as an “Outstanding Social Entrepreneur” by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship that was created by the founder of the World Economic Forum, and honored by the Medicare Rights Center for his visionary leadership in healthcare.