Gerry Dickerson, ATP, CRTS

President, National Registry of Rehab Technology Suppliers

Gerry Dickerson is a 40 plus year veteran of the durable medical equipment and Complex Rehabilitation Technology industry and the co-founder of several medical equipment companies specializing in complex rehab technologies. He was one of the original non-engineering members of RESNA, the Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Society of North America and served in several volunteer capacities including Chair and Vice Chair of PSG-1, Suppliers and Manufacturers, and Vice Chair and board member of the PSB, the Professional Standards Board. He was also instrumental in the consolidation of the ATP/ATS credential, along with the development of the SMS, Seating and Mobility Specialist credential.

Gerry also served as a RESNA Board of Directors member as well as a member of the Executive Committee. In 2008, he received the RESNA Fellow Award, the highest honor awarded to a RESNA member.

Gerry is a long standing board member of NRRTS, the National Registry of Rehab Technology Suppliers, has served as Board Member at Large, Review Chair, Treasurer, Vice President, Executive Committee Member and is the currently the President.

In 2017, he received the NRRTS Simon Margolis Fellow Award, the highest honor awarded to a registrant of NRRTS. He is the only person in the world to be awarded both the RESNA and NRRTS Fellowships.

Gerry was instrumental in the introduction of the Separate Benefit Category under the Medicare program, seeking specialized recognition of the highly specialized nature of complex rehab within Medicare. He is a member of the International Seating Symposium (US) Advisory Board and a past board member of NCART, the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology.