Resolving Problems with Homecare

For all ICS members – and many other people with physical disabilities – appropriate, reliable homecare or personal aide services are the single most important thing that allows them to live independently, in the community, rather than in a nursing home or other institution.

Like any relationship, homecare situations can be tricky and good communication is key. ICS has long helped our members get the most out of their homecare by coaching them to have clear and mutually respectful relationships with their aides, and intervening when needed.

Read or download the ICS Health Home tip sheet.

ICS pioneered access to consumer-directed personal aide services in New York City, which helps many members get exactly the right kind of help they need to maintain their health and live independently. But whether a member uses agency homecare or consumer-directed personal care, sometimes complications arise that, left unattended, can have a devastating impact on a member’s health and wellbeing.

If a member’s day-to-day care needs are not met, their functional abilities can decline, they may develop secondary medical conditions, or they may be stuck at home, which can harm both their physical and emotional health. To prevent that from happening and quickly address problems when they do occur, our in-house experts are there to help when a problem with homecare arises.

ICS can educate a homecare aide who may not understand the member’s needs, help the member learn to advocate for themselves, or work with the member and the aide together to smooth out an area of disagreement or misunderstanding about the care to be provided. We can facilitate the process if a member needs to move from agency home care to consumer-directed care or the reverse. Finally, if no other solution is possible, we can help a member change their home care aide – but most of the time, with our expert intervention, this proves not to be the case.