EXPERT CARE COORDINATION | Benefits Resource Department

Improving Members’ Social Determinants of Health

ICS members – and many other adults with physical disabilities – face multiple deficits when it comes to social determinants of health. These include social isolation, lack of access to affordable, safe, accessible housing, lack of accessible education and employment opportunities, as well as insufficient access to healthcare and nutritious food. In addition, three-quarters of ICS members are people of color who frequently experience the compound harms of both racism and disability discrimination. Many members also live with chronic economic instability.

The ICS Benefits Resource Department mitigates the well-documented harmful effects that accompany these factors by proactively connecting members to appropriate, accessible community resources and helping them apply for and maintain important government benefits, such as housing, food and financial benefits.

ICS uses a risk stratification tool we created to identify members who are at the greatest risk for poor health outcomes and the resources we can put in place to prevent or mitigate harm. Goals related to social determinants of health are integral to our care management model, and care navigators work closely with the Benefits Resource staff to integrate these goals into an individual member’s care plan, as needed. When a member has specific goals that could benefit from intensive support, such as going back to school, overcoming chronic isolation, or obtaining job training, the Benefits Resource Department may also refer the member to the ICS Independent Living Program.