ICS President Regina Estela

Independence Care System Now Led by Co-Presidents

July 30, 2020

BROOKLYN, NY – The Board President of Independence Care System (ICS), Jeff Krauss, has announced that long serving President and Chie Executive Officer Rick Surpin and Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Regina Estela will lead the organization as co-presidents.  While the two have been serving in this capacity since April, ICS chose to delay an official announcement while the organization was navigating the early days of New York City’s COVID-19 emergency.

The decision to have co-presidents came as ICS transitioned to become the state’s first and only health home program specializing in the care of people with physical disabilities. Sharing the responsibilities will ensure that the institutional knowledge and history held by Rick Surpin, the organization’s founder, will be fully shared to facilitate a smooth path toward Regina’s eventual transition into the role of president.

“The choice to transition through a temporary co-presidency means a great deal,” Mr. Surpin said. “What I think is most important is that Regina and I have worked together for so long that our whole community is confident ICS will be in the best possible hands under her leadership. She is highly competent and believes in the values and spirit of the organization. Her dedication to our mission, our members, and our staff will allow her to continue to lead this organization to further success.”

Ms. Estela said, “There’s been a slow transition over the past few years. I have been taking on more and more of the day-to-day operational responsibilities. What we’ve heard back since telling our staff about the co-presidency is that this is what they were expecting, that they are happy to have a period of transition and are looking forward to continuing to serve our members.”

Independence Care System was founded in 2000 to serve New Yorkers with disabilities including spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, cerebral palsy and other conditions that limit mobility and require a high level of disability expertise to help these individuals remain healthy and live independently, in the community.


Independence Care System (ICS) supports adults in New York City who live with a wide range of physical disabilities and chronic health conditions. The well-being of ICS members rests upon three pillars: mobility, health, and independence. We help our members get the services they need to live independently, in the community, rather than become confined to nursing homes or other institutions. In collaboration with our members, their families and caregivers, we advocate for the funding of essential services including homecare and personal care, wheelchairs, and other complex rehab equipment. We educate and create partnerships with healthcare providers to advance the availability of disability competent medical care. Educational and recreational offerings enrich our members’ lives and create a welcoming community for New Yorkers with disabilities and their allies. ICS mentors help members adjust to life with a disability and gain the skills to live full and vibrant lives that reflect their individual goals.

Contact: Regina Weiss