Medicaid Eligibility Services

Independence Care System Now Offers Expert Medicaid Eligibility Services

June 18, 2019

Each day people lose their Medicaid health coverage through no fault of their own. This endangers their health and wellbeing, while the organizations that provide them with care lose millions of dollars in essential funds.

The most common reason for a loss of Medicaid coverage is the individual’s failure to complete a complicated and often difficult yearly recertification process. Many people struggle to keep track of their eligibility and to provide the forms and documentation required to avoid losing their coverage.

In addition, many people have their applications denied because they do not know how to navigate Medicaid’s system for managing “surplus” income so that they can continue paying their bills while also qualifying for Medicaid coverage.

Independence Care System (ICS) Medicaid Specialists and Surplus Coordinators are experts in helping people enroll in Medicaid and maintain their coverage, while navigating the many complexities of the program. Now ICS is offering this expertise to assist health plans and other organizations that provide services covered by Medicaid.

Developed over almost over 20 years of helping older adults and people with disabilities and chronic conditions live safely in their communities, ICS Medicaid Support Services include:

  • Tracking annual recertification dates, while implementing controls and procedures to avoid interruption of services
  • Ensuring timely and accurate Medicaid application and recertification forms
  • Gathering and submitting paperwork electronically, using customized software
  • Providing one-on-one member consultation on surplus income management and assisting eligible individuals with pooled trust enrollments
  • Assisting with Disability Medical reviews


Independence Care System (ICS) supports adults in New York City who live with a wide range of physical disabilities and chronic health conditions. The well-being of ICS members rests upon three pillars: mobility, health, and independence. We help our members get the services they need to live independently, in the community, rather than become confined to nursing homes or other institutions. In collaboration with our members, their families and caregivers, we advocate for the funding of essential services including homecare and personal care, wheelchairs, and other complex rehab equipment. We educate and create partnerships with healthcare providers to advance the availability of disability competent medical care. Educational and recreational offerings enrich our members’ lives and create a welcoming community for New Yorkers with disabilities and their allies. ICS mentors help members adjust to life with a disability and gain the skills to live full and vibrant lives that reflect their individual goals.

Contact: Regina Weiss

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