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What People Say About ICS

To offer a further sense of our community, here are just a few of many comments we have gathered from members and partners over the years.
“When I see a newly-referred MS patient, and she rolls into my office in a motorized wheelchair, clearly having suffered extensive disability due to this disease, I breathe a deep sigh of relief if she tells me she is an ICS member.”
Stephen Krieger, MD
Director, Neurology Residency Program. Mount Sinai Medical Center
“ICS has been wonderful. There is no other program that does what ICS does.”
Lisa Rivera
ICS Member
“ICS does a unique job of empowering people with MS to manage their lives.”
Andrea Artz
Associate VP of Clinical Programs and Direct Services, NYC Chapter of the National MS Society
“When I need something, ICS always comes through for me. It shows how much they care.”
Rosemary Grant
ICS Member
“Before ICS life was very difficult. I didn’t have fundamental support. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”
Zaquan Jones
ICS Member
“People with disabilities are often neglected and they need an advocate like ICS. The agency has an unwavering commitment to fighting for justice and to seeing that people with disabilities have the same opportunity for health as those without disabilities. Through their public awareness campaigns, research and policy work, ICS provides a voice to people living with disabilities.”
Carla Boutin-Foster, MD, MS
Associate Dean, Office of Diversity and Inclusion SUNY Downstate Medical Center
“What makes ICS unique is that I’m not a number to them. I’m an actual person. They know my name. They know that I like birds.”
Milagros Franco
ICS Member
“Without ICS I would be lost. ICS is like a family to me.”
Jeanette Gaston
ICS Member
“While our ability to provide noninvasive ventilator support is essential to allowing our patients with severe disabilities to retain their autonomy, they would not be able to maintain their health without the commitment of ICS’s wonderful staff for ensuring that their members have what they need in order to remain independent and out of the hospital.”
John R. Bach MD
Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Professor of Neurology, Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School
“ICS is the difference between just being alive and actually living.”
Stephanie Wallace
ICS Member
“As an independent, nonprofit accreditor, CARF works with organizations that are innovators, and leaders in their field. ICS is one of those organizations. I have first-hand knowledge of this through our current initiative to develop a national certification program for the care management of people with spinal cord injuries. ICS is a critical partner in this work, due to their expertise in the care management of spinal cord injury patients.”
Christine MacDonell, FACRM,
Managing Director, Medical Rehabilitation and International Aging Services and Medical Rehabilitation, CARF International
“ICS has given me peace of mind”
Eliezer Ramos
ICS Member