Vision & HeART – Custom Kite Designing

25 Elm Place, 5th Floor
Date: June 1, 2017
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Vision & HeART

Custom Kite Designing

Painting is a joy in it of itself, but seeing your creation sore through the sky is even more rewarding! In this class we will be designing our own kites focusing on painting imagery that can be seen from a distance (like kites in the sky).

Must be able to hold fabric stick. For any Student who has trouble meeting the motor skill requirement, we will either find an alternate method to complete the project or find an alternate project that suits the student.

“Vision and HeART” is part of our Artists on Wheels social program located in the art space of our Brooklyn office. This class gives members the opportunity to explore a new art project every week. Students learn to exercise their creativity by exploring a wide range of materials and techniques suited for all levels. Some of the mediums include paint, pencils, pastels, water color, wire, fabric, charcoal, wood, found objects, ceramics, and more. In this meet up, each student gets personalized attention to utilize their individual strengths and abilities; the classroom works around their needs. No matter what skill level or age, all artists venture their own path and discover their unique talents to best express their artistic visions.

Instructor: Nicole “Nikki” Mourelatos

For more, contact Latricia James at this email or call (718) 907-1622 or Sharifa Abu-Hamda at this email or call (646) 653-6074.

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