Marilyn E. Saviola – SVP, Advocacy

Marilyn Saviola has over 40 years of experience as a disability rights advocate in New York City and is the founder of the ICS Women’s Health Access Program. Marilyn was the Executive Director of the Center for Independence of the Disabled in NY (CIDNY) from 1983 through December 1998. Under her leadership, the agency became a Premier Independent living Center, recognized for its expertise in advocacy and services for people with disabilities.

Marilyn started her career as a Rehabilitation Counselor at Goldwater Memorial Hospital where she worked for eleven years with people who have severe physical disabilities who wanted to leave the hospital and return to the community. She is a recognized leader in the areas of advocacy for access to health care for people with disabilities and community based home care services.

Marilyn has served as the Chair of the Manhattan Borough Disability Advisory Group, as a Board Member of the Association of Independent Living Centers in New York, a Member of the New York City Medicaid Managed Care Task Force, and a Board Member of Disabled in Action.

In 2017, Marilyn was inducted into the New York State Disability Rights Hall of Fame.